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My Research Interests

The main goal of my research is to develop new methods that can be used for the control of agricultural insect pest species. To accomplish this, we integrate the use of traditional behavior assays along with modern genetic and genomic techniques to develop foundational genomic tools in addition to novel agents for insect pest management.

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The Fruits of Fruit Fly Research| Adventures in Genomics

The Fruits of Fruit Fly Research| Adventures in Genomics

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Improving the old, developing the new: Advancing the Sterile Insect Technique (SIT) and using genomic techniques to answer questions in arthropod biology, ecology, and evolution.


To develop novel mutants, we use CRISPR/Cas9 targeted mutagenesis to induce heritable mutations that result in a phenotype that makes our study systems amenable to mass-rearing or SIT release


Using third generation sequencing techniques, we can develop genomic resources for non-model species for a fraction of the cost of traditional or even next-generation technology.


Population genetics allow us to investigate the movement and distribution of insects in the context of invasive species biology and in conservation biology.

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When new and destructive species expand to a new geographic range by self or human-mediated movement, they can cause major economic impacts! Investigation of their biology enables us to mitigate their impacts.

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